Holy Trinity Redgate - The Church in the School.

monthly service Pattern • Imagine Sunday

Photograph of the congregation at Holy Trinity Redgate.In 1992, as a response to the Decade of Evangelism, Holy Trinity began holding a service at 10.30 am each Sunday in the hall at Redgate County Primary School. The service is family orientated with the younger children going out for their own ‘special time’ and the older children taking part in the service. Currently the congregation of over a hundred covers an age range from one year old to one hundred and one, with between sixty and seventy people meeting each Sunday on a regular basis.

A service of Holy Communion is held on the first Sunday of the month with a non-Eucharistic service on the other Sundays.

Every service is followed by an opportunity to meet and talk over a cup of coffee or tea and this sense of fellowship is extended each year when a shared lunch follows the Anniversary Service at the beginning of May.

Since August 2005 the ‘church in the school’ has been supporting a charity in Mozambique which has close ties to members of our community and to date more than £10,000 has been sent to ‘Imagine’ in Catembe.

Many of the people who attend Holy Trinity Redgate prefer the relaxed atmosphere of the Hall to the more formal surroundings of a church building and the environment is particularly welcoming for young families. Although Anglican in ethos, Christians of all denominations and none have found a natural home at the ‘church in the school’ where all who come are assured of a warm welcome.

Monthly Service Pattern

1st Sunday in the Month

10.30am - Holy Communion and Adventurers.

2nd Sunday in the Month

10.30am - Family Service and Adventurers

3rd Sunday in the Month

10.30am - Family Service and Adventurers

4th & 5th Sundays in the Month

10.30am - Family Service and Adventurers - Imagine Sunday

Imagine Sunday


Pictured here are Vicky Rogers and a group of children from the Imagine Charity Joe and Lorraine Williams originally went from Formby to Mozambique in 1989 to work on a British Government sponsored aid project. They spent their spare time helping various charities and local institutions and, when their work contract came to an end, they decided to stay voluntarily for a further two years to see these projects through to completion. However, one project led to another and in 1999 they finally acknowledged their life long dedication to the people of Mozambique and founded the charity ‘Imagine’. Unfortunately Joe died in 2009 but Lorraine continues the work of Imagine.

Holy Trinity became supporters of the charity in 2005 with many people taking the boxes ‘a penny to save the world’ - in which people are encouraged to save a ‘penny per person per meal.’ These donations are received at Redgate with the offertory on the 4th Sunday of each month and, together with money raised at Garden Parties, Coffee Mornings, bequests in memory of the bereaved and personal donations we are able to send much needed money to ‘Imagine’ Mozambique.