People like to collect all under the sun. One of the most fascinating types of collectibles is called the Petroliana. Petroliana refers to antiques or maybe vintage items which are somehow associated with the oil company at large or maybe gas stations specifically. It is a genre of gathering that has its main target focused on advertising. A lot of the parts of petroliana are emblazoned with a brand or even business names. This is an element of the appeal of this particular genre.

The main subcategories of petroliana collectibles will be real gasoline pumps, the gasoline pump globes, engine oil containers, old street maps, as well as signs especially showcasing big brand names, for example, Mobil, Sinclair, Shell, Standard Oil, Phillips 66, l, Texaco, and Esso. 

The first oil cans which are around the date to the later conclusion of the seventeenth century, but actually finding 20th-century cans which are in a condition that is very good just isn’t that simple, mainly because the vast majority of these containers will be tossed in the trash once they had been clear.

Collectors place a premium price on vintage oil cans which are brightly colored, all those that include mascots, cans which were created by smaller oil companies, and also, of course, cans which continue to have oil. 

Colorful oil cans that has retained the business logos on them are most likely the most wanted after of everyone and take in the highest dollar values. In a variety of antique shops, you are going to find square oil containers which are one gallon in dimension which comes from the period before the next World War from petroleum companies like Standard Oil, Conoco, and Liberty. Several of them still have handles, and the later people have been found in the round as well as square varieties in equally five quart and also half gallon sizes.