Christianity is widespread religion right from the days of creation. However, Christianity in its true form was constituted after the birth of Jesus Christ and got stronger after its death. Christianity is a religion with a humble beginning. People who lived in the time of Christ would have never thought that this religion would turn out to successful and will have the massive impact across the globe. The impact of the religion is because of the roots of the religion and the strong doctrines that they follow to date. So here are the top 5 characteristics of Catholicism that every Christian in indebted to follow.

Upholding the Sacraments:

As per the Christian doctrine, there are totally seven sacraments, and every Catholic gets to experience predominantly 5 of them. The seven sacraments are Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Confession, Marriage/Ordination and Final Anointment. While many people fail to receive the last sacrament that is usually given to people who are extremely sick or at the time of their death. Other all sacraments have to be fulfilled by everybody.

Love towards the community:

Though love is a common attribution in humanity, the Christian doctrine calls for love towards the members of the brotherhood and help one another to strengthen the roots of the community. The idea behind is that when there is no love amidst the members of the community, they will never be able to stand together. Love is one attribution that unites the brotherhood, thereby helping them to stand together through thick and thin.

Respecting the Catholic Dogma:

Christianity lives on the pillars of faith and commitment towards the religion. Most of the people who got themselves converted to Christianity and started following the words of Jesus Christ, did so when Jesus Christ was not around. This is because of the faith that they had in the religion and the teachings of Christ. What we see is what we believe. But when you believe even when you don’t see, that is what you call faith. That is why you call Christianity a religion that is based on faith on the dogmas of the religion.

Faith and hope:

In relevant to the previous point if there is no faith and hope the Catholicism can never be defined. When Jesus Christ came into the world, it was these two principles that he tried to establish.

Respect for human life:

The most stringent doctrine of Christianity is, life is God-given, and He is the only one who has sole authority over it. This is the doctrine that prevents people from committing murder, suicide and other similar crime. That is why infanticide or any means of abortion is considered as a sin. Any Catholic who commits such a crime is considered a sinner and is prone to punishment.