No doubt. Coffee is hailed as one of the most popular beverages around the world. Despite its fame and glory, Mormons strictly refrain from drinking coffee for reason that is not so complex.

God commanded the church to adhere to a specified diet through the first Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith. In the Bible’s chronology, God has also been known to command the people to observe to consume a particular diet. It is simply because of the above said that the devotees of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints strictly avoid coffee.

The teaching started back in 1833, when God spoke to Joseph Smith which lead him to renew the church of God—the same one that endured when Jesus was here on Earth. Much similar to Abraham and Moses, Joseph humbly listened to these teachings through God and would go on to spread the word. To this day, his teachings are rightfully obeyed, believed in and respected by millions.

God’s Law of Health

Joseph Smith’s teachings included the law of health by God, which contains knowledge regarding maintenance of a healthy diet that is meant to protect and serve our bodies well. It is within this particular teaching that “hot drinks” like tea and coffee come into the picture, since it specifically instructs that people avoid these drinks. Along with the term “hot drinks”, it is also mentioned there that “strong drinks” must be avoided and food should constitute grains, herbs, fruits and meat. Mormons mainly refrain from drinking alcohol to be able to sustain complete control over choices with a clear mind. While scientifically speaking it is undoubtedly ideal to refrain from such substances, it really isn’t based on science when it comes to faithful followers. Rather, it’s about obeying God’s words, sincerely living by them while being blessed by the Lord.

If we read the Bible carefully, we would understand that it teaches us to defend our bodies from anything that’s destructive—that includes any addictive substances like alcohol, tobacco, and yes, coffee. It is through such that we are given a chance to serve the Lord righteously while respecting what he has masterfully crafted.

It’s common sense that coffee contains caffeine, which is linked to numerous health conditions that require medical attention in the long run. To clarify though, the reason behind abstinence of coffee and the importance of such isn’t specifically explained in the Bible. Much like other commandments, it was never fully explained but merely told by the Lord. Mormons don’t really focus on the WHYs but more so concentrate on simply following His word.

While each person is different from the other, generally speaking , it is so much better to accept the fact that people can find happiness and delight in simply yet firmly sticking to their beliefs and faith. Understanding this would help broaden our minds and view different religious beliefs, cultures and alike with much interest rather than scrutiny. Faith does go beyond logic and earthly matters, after all.