Holy Trinity Church

Greetings in the name of the Holy Trinity!

The Lord has lead you to our site for a reason. We are humbled to walk with you on your journey to discovering the wonders and goodness of God. Our ministry invites you to join us as we worship our creator and grow our faith and love for HIM.

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In our ministry,

We are COMMITTED to conveying the word of God to wherever our voices reach.

We ENVISION our ministry to be a center for showing God’s Love to all.

We BELIEVE that prayers and constant study of God’s Word bring us closer to Him.

We PRAY with our prayer community because we know that everyone is facing their own battles in life, and

We SUPPORT each other through outreach and friendships.


Please join us in our praise and worship activities every week at our Church. If you are living far away, we still invite you to join us in our daily prayer intentions. God bless us all!