One of the greatest doctrines Christianity is faith. It is based on the principles of faith the whole religion is built. That is the reason as to why the Bible always recognises people who showed great courage and faith and placed their lives in the hands of God with great faith. These Biblical characters have served as an inspiration for the millions of others who follow the religion even today. Knowing their stories will strengthen your faith in the constitution of Christianity and faith in God. Here are the top 5 Men of faith of Christianity.


It was at the beginning of the world, and people have never seen how a natural calamity would be and what it is to see the whole world become prey to a massive flood. But that’s what was foretold to Noah. He was instructed by God to construct a massive ship, in fact, a castle by itself, to redeem his family and the animal kingdom alone. Put yourself in his place. The whole world called him insane for talking about a massive flood and his act of constructing a ship, but still, he did. He put his faith in God, and he was redeemed.


Abraham showed great courage when he was asked to sacrifice his only Son as that was the will of God Abraham is one of the most significant characters if the Holy Bible. It is through him faith was described and was made during in the Bible. Abraham, who was earlier called as Abram, was renamed by God. As a gift of the faith that he evinced in God, he is recognised as the Father of Faith, and through him, the early generation of Catholics are recognised.


Will you believe in God if you are put on fire, thrown into a den of lions or ordered to be beheaded? Because that was what happened to Daniel and he still managed to trust God and pray to God despite all odds. Whenever Daniel showed great courage, God stood by his side and protected him from all dangers and from all enemies who tried to kill him.


David was quite a young boy when Bible recognises him as a person of great faith and courage. Unlike the other men mentioned on the list, David gets a special place. David placed all his trust in God and faced Goliath, the disastrous soldier the whole of Israel has ever seen. If not for the faith that he had, he wouldn’t have saved Israel. Now you know why David was taken to thrown by God and praised by people for his greatness.

Jesus Christ:

Jesus, though God, was a man when he led his life on the Earth. If not for the Son of God himself who else could teach us what real faith is. The whole life of Christ is based on the faith that he had on his Father. His parables, teachings and his life ask wetter set as a good example of the faith that was backed by courage. Though you might not draw inspiration from other men, this man must definitely inspire you to lead a life that’s faithful.